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Nature Cure


Welcome to Nature Cure. The world, we live in, is very strange. Do you know why? Why is to so? In the young age people spoil the God given billion dollar health to earn huge amount of money. In the old age people spoil the hard earned huge amount of money to get the health back. What an orthodox? But it is too late to get precious & sound health back. What an abused idea & attitude to the really most precious billion dollar health. Really speaking a sick person pays 100% attention to get his health back. But if he has paid only 10% attention to maintain the health, this situation would have never come in the life. What to do? Man is careless & helpless by nature so he does not pay attention to maintain the health when he has sound health & ultimately become sick. Aadami apni adapt se majbur aur lachar hai.



It is seen almost every where in every house, a certain amount of hard earned precious money is spent mercilessly on so-called curative & highly effective medicines to maintain & recover good health. People are always in search of true medication to cure their diseases. But they don't get it. They keep on complaining God for their bad health. But they never complain of/repent on their unhealthy & unnatural so-called modern life styles.                                        












Nature Cure

I have been in teaching profession for more than 20+ years. for the past 4 years I have serving as a Principal in a senior secondary public school in India. I have seen children, parents, guardians, & other people suffering from one or the other deadly, chronic, allergic 7 every day so-called common diseases. But diseases are never common. If they are not treated well in time, they become serious life harming deadly illness(nasure). People spend lots of hard-earned money to get a healthy personality, but it goes in vain. I am inspired by Albert Schweitzer who also started his medicinal interests to give relief & cure to the people after around 40+ years of his age knowing the poor healthy conditions of African people. So I have also realized that people must get one easy, cheap (Allopathic medicines are very costly. They are out of the reach of the common people. Their prices are increasing every day.) & really very effective system & method of treatments without any bad side effects (Allopathic medicines have enormous bad side effects.) then I changed my mind and started thinking on this topic and I got the solution. Eureka! That is Naturopathy, only real & pure naturopathy which prescribes no medicines, no herbs (Jadi-Buti). So there are no side effects at all in Naturopathy. Follow it sincerely & honestly. Get  always positive healthy effects on your body without any bad side effects. Get rid of diseases. You will be able to kick out the Poisonous toxins ( which are real & main reasons of your sickness) ( accumulated by unhealthy & unnatural ultra modern life styles) from your body to get sound health back. It's sure you will recover you health. You will be alright by God's grace.























What Naturopathy                    How Naturopathy                    Why Naturopathy


What is Naturopathy / Nature Cure?

Nature takes care of herself. It is a drugless / medicine less scientific system of treatment in which body cures itself with its internal power of healing. Every human body has healing powers of nature within it. Every human organism has a healing energy which includes immune system in the complete / full sense of both the physical and the psyche, which is really very much responsible for our wellness and our ability to heal & maintain health. Nature cure presents a strong stand against the chemical prevention of diseases & advocates the key of inherent natural defense mechanism which are self curative and self - preventive. According to naturopathy, diseases are physical manifestations of the body's attempts to heal it when it falls out of harmony with its environment.




Follow Naturopathy. Save your life. Save others live. Always remain healthy.

If you are satisfied, tell others. If you are not satisfied, tell us.









What Naturopathy                    How Naturopathy                    Why Naturopathy


Why do I choose naturopathy ?

Pure naturopathy really works immediately without any side effects. So you must surrender yourself to nature cure called naturopathy if you really want to recover your precious health. Please return to naturopathy & find the difference.

Solid Reasons to follow Naturopathy:

  • It is really very cheap, easy & simple to follow & implement at home.

  • There are no side effects at all.

  • It avoids the intake of potent & hard drugs.

  • It prevents undergoing unnecessary diagnostic & surgical interferences.

  • Allopathic & other medicines are very costly. They have dangerous toxic side effects which reduce the vital resistance power, making body prone to other deadly diseases. They have immediate effects & relief but not permanent solutions / cures.








What Naturopathy                    How Naturopathy                    Why Naturopathy


How does Naturopathy Work ?

 Our body is made up of 5 elements of Nature : Sun (Agni), Air( Vayu), Sky (Aakash), Earth (Prithvi), & Water (Jal). When these vital & important 5 elements of Nature are imbalanced by the accumulation of poisonous toxins in the body, we become sick. I mean to say the main causes of diseases are accumulation of poisonous toxins in the body. The modalities of naturopathy expel out the poisonous toxins from the body completely balancing all 5 elements in quite natural ways & the diseases are cured automatically very naturally & the body becomes healthy again. It works on the principal that our body is capable of curing itself. It's really very simple & quite natural. It's really natural. Try naturopathy & experience the positive effect s & results.


































About me

I am a religious & simple man. I am god fearing human being. I have been counseling about Naturopathy to the people for a very long time. I try to understand the psychology of patients because patients of different categories the poor, the rich & the mediocre - have the different attitudes & thinking about their illness & their treatments & through naturopathy. Naturopathy has worked miraculously in all the difficult situations. I have never found any side effects in real naturopathy so far of 20+ years. I advise You believe & do sincerely & honestly. God cures. I provide quality health care techniques & guidelines based on pure real naturopathy without any single use of medicines.


Services Provided by Me

1. Health Counseling & Treatment by only e-mail & correspondence

    (I don't call the patients to my clinic as it is under construction.)


2. Career Counseling

















My Mission

  • To develop Naturopathy as a 'System of Harmless Medicine' and as a 'Way of Life'.

  • To provide and encourage facilities for all kinds of treatment in Naturopathy.

  • To reduce toxic side effects inhuman bodies.

  • To give sound health to people.

  • To make the entire world diseases free in quite natural, cheap, effective (without any bad side effects) ways.

  • To give healthy citizens to humanity.

  • To promote vegetarians.

  • To use natural resources in quite natural way.

  • To avoid the intake of potent & hard drugs in every day life.

  • To prevent undergoing of unnecessary diagnostic & surgical interferences.

  • To reduce the expenses of Government of all countries of the world on medicines & other health related project because all most all the diseases are easily cured in Naturopathy.


















Opinions on Medicines of Experts


All medicines are poisonous. - Prof. St. John New York Medical College

Our all medicines are poisons. Their each dosage reduces the life power of patients.

                                                     Prof. Alonzo Clark, New York College of Physicians & Surgeons

Medicines certainly reduce the life power. - Prof. Martin Pain, New York University Medical School.

Diseases are not cured by medicines. Nature Cures the diseases. -Prof. Joseph Smith, M.D.

Doctors have sent thousands of patients into graves who would have been cured by Nature. - Prof. Clark














































Why do I  become sick?

A good health is a state of physical well-being, mental alertness, socially adjusted and spiritually developed. But so-called modern hi-fi life styles (Which are really quite unnatural, unethical & unhealthy) & highly competitive, tiresome & monotonous work culture have created a platform for the poisonous toxins accumulation in the body. The human body is like a processing machine whatever goes in will be processed. Nature has made us for processing only & only Natural (Raw) Food (i.e. uncooked food means food not prepared in the contact of fire), but along with so-called healthy food, we are consuming / taking in lots of synthetics & chemicals called poisonous toxins( i.e. pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, germicides, fungicides, fertilizers, artificial colours, preservatives, emulsifiers & additives). We become sick due to the accumulation of these poisonous toxins in the body. We certainly fall ill when we go against nature & natural life styles. Farther from nature, nearer to diseases. Nearer to nature , farther from diseases.

A Study shows that alarmingly high levels of contamination / toxication in the food pose a serious threat to public health.

Food Products Daily Consumed Contamination
Cereals 445 gm Rice - 87.4% Wheat - 46.4%
Pulses 029 gm 43.00%
Vegetables 239 gm 56.62%
Fruit 111 gm 42.00%
Spices 05.4 gm 71.50%

Source : All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Pesticide Residues.                                                               Read More >>





Why do I  become sick?

Our body has become the store house of stress, tension, & deadly diseases to unnatural life styles which must be avoided if we really want to live healthy in the real sense. Due to the accumulation of only poisonous toxins in the body, from 100 years of life survival, man has come to a short span of 60 years of short & small survival & by 2020 it will reach to around 30 years of age. (due high pollution & contamination if food stuff)


Always use mosquito net to get sound & disturbance less sleep during night sleeping to escape from diseases caused by mosquitoes" & other insects' bites.
































Precautions & Preventions

It is very well-said that "Preventions better than cure." There is no single absolute substitute of precautions & preventions. One has to take strict precautions & preventions if one wants the good health. There are no alternatives of precautions & preventions. These are must. No body can escape them. If you escape precautions & preventions & life will escape you. If you want to become healthy, you must adhere to precautions & preventions.


Always Avoid the following very strictly to keep you healthy

Keep yourself away from plastic utensils, water kept in plastic bottles, all spices, sugar, oil, salt, white maida (fine flour), polished rice, alcohols, smoking, chewing tobacco, consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks, non-vegetarian foods. Consume eatables which are not prepared in contact of fire.











Therapies of Naturopathy

  • Precautions & Preventions Therapy.

  • Swar Vigyan Therapy .

  • Auto Urine Treatment.

  • Chromo Therapy.

  • Soil (Dry and Wet / Mud) Therapy.

  • Yog / Aasans / Pranayam (Breath Control) / Exercises.

  • Strict Vegetarian Diet Therapy.

  • Prayer / Counseling Therapy.

  • Water Therapy & Suitable Use of Jal Neti (Use of Water Through Nose).

  • Mudra Therapy.

  • (Green Grass) (Seasonal Vegetables & fruit) Juice Therapy.



Products & Medicines

There are no products at all in naturopathy. In naturopathy, no medicines are used in any case of treatment in any period & condition. Health treatment & recovery totally depends on the vital force of life.
















Diet [Dare I Eat That?] & Liquid


In case of any illness, the first step is to avoid eating things prepared in contact of fire. Do consume only raw but properly cleaned eatables. please don't drink the water kept in plastic bottles & in freeze. Please don't use plastic utensils at all for eatables & drinkables. Try to minimize & avoid the use of plastic utensils as PVC ( very harmful for body) is present in plastics. It is for every body whether healthy or unhealthy. Kindly do only use the water boiled with Tulsi(Basil), cooled, sun charged, kept in glass bottles & pitchers & copper utensils.



Drink your food an eat your liquids. It means chew properly your food and drink the liquid sip by sip as all ailments are caused by what you eat & what you don't eat. The schedule of strictly vegetarian diet / food must be followed. Nutritious & whole-some pure vegetarian diet consisting of seasonal fruit & vegetables (without oil & spices & salt, only boiled), sprouts, curd, milk, whole wheat bread, chokerwala aate ki roti / chapattis, paanidar hari sabzi, green salads, & only sometimes dry fruit (i.e. dtes, munnaccas, raisins, etc). jaisa khaya anna, waisa hua mann (What you eat, so you become / are)












Diet [Dare I Eat That?] & Liquid


I have seen & heard many times. In other systems of treatment patients are often suggested to take medicines and drugs & told to eat & drink everything. How can you eat everything? precautions & preventions are required. It is a must. Tell me once again ' How can we eat everything? We are not omnivorous. Don't eat & drink every thing. Don't buy and invite diseases by eating & drinking everything. Every (eatable & drinkable) thing is not for you. Eat the cheap but neat & clean eatable tings as per the availability of the things in that particular season as seasonal fruit & vegetables are really cheap & best to use & consume. Discard the things what your body does not want. Don't waste food & you billion dollar health. Don't eat unseasonable things paying high cost to show you social status, it will 100% harm you body. Eat seasonal things only. Eat what you body wants. Don't eat the things what react your body as illness. East simple & nature & be safe for ever. Eat bread / roti / chapattis of husk / bran and watery Vegetables when you become sick in normal days. Observe one fast at least once in a month.











Diseases Not Treated

Only two critical situation / diseases are not treated in the system of naturopathy. They are :-


A) Emergency accidental cases

B) Deformities by birth, which certainly requires necessary modern allopathic surgical operations.



In case of any Emergency (Accidental) Cases, in emergency (accidental cases), allopathic treatment is very system of treatment so go to allopathic system of treatment without wasting a single minute of time because the main purpose of any system of treatment is to save the life of the people. I strongly recommend allopathic system of treatment in case of any Emergency.


When the emergency is over 'Return to Nature' (i.e. naturopathy) to remove the poisonous toxins accumulated during the course of allopathic treatment as you know poisonous toxins of allopathic medicines result in dangerous side effects for the human being.




















Diseases Treated

All other so-called deadly, incurable & new diseases for allopathic treatment (except the diseases mentioned - above) are surely treated at home without disturbing your home routine of the whole family with strong will power gradually with the passage of time. It takes some time to cure long, old illness & chronic & allergic diseases. So have faith, patience & hope and follow the advices and please take balanced & prescribed diet only to get permanent relief. Do be very strict with precautions & preventions as prevention is better that cure. You will note be able to cure your diseases without precautions & preventions. Some Major diseases commonly found in every household are :

  1. AIDS / Allergy / Alzheimer / Amoebiasis / Anemia / Appendicitis / Arthritis / Asthma

  2. Backache / Blood - Pressure (H / L) / Bronchitis

  3. Cancer / Cataract / Cholesterol Level Increase / Colds & Cough / Colitis / Constipation

  4. Depression / Diabetes / Diarrhea / Digestive Disorders / Dysentery Chronic

  5. Eczema / Epilepsy / Eye Sight Weakness / Failing Vision


  7. Gastric Trouble / gastroenteritis / Gastro Intestinal Disorder / Genetic Mutation / Gout

  8. Headache / hear Diseases (Cardiac Related Problem) / Hook - Worms / Hypertension / Hysteria

  9. Impotency / Infertility / Insomnia / Intestinal Disorder / Itching

  10. Jaundice

  11. Kidney Malfunctioning                                                                                                    

  12. laryngitis / leanness & Thinness of Body / Leprosy / Liver Ailments / Leucorrhoea / Leucoderma / Lumbago

  13. Menstrual Cycle Irregular / Mental Weakness / Migraine / Myopia

  14. Nervous Disorders - Debility / Neuralgia / Neurasthenia

  15. Obesity / Over - under Weight / Osteoporosis / Osteopathic                                          

  16. Paralysis - Facial / Pazeria / Piles / Pimples / Prostrate Gland Swelling / Psoriasis / Pyorrhea


  18. Reduction of Swelling / Relaxation of Tension

  19. Sciatica / Seminal Disorders / SIDS / Sinusitis / Skin Diseases / Slip-Disc / Soar Throat / Spondilitis Cervical / Spondylosis / Stamina Loss / Stroke

  20. T.B. / Thyroid Diseases / Tonsillitis

  21. Ulcers - Peptic and Duodenal / DYS Functional Uterine Bleeding


  23. Weakness / Worms























Body Facts

Most Common Elements Found In The Human Body

S.No. Elements Symbol Average Adult * Total (G)
1 Oxygen O 48,800
2 Carbon C 18,400
3 Hydrogen # H 8,000
4 Nitrogen N 2,080
5 Calcium Ca 1,120
6 Phosphorus P 880
7 = Potassium K 160
8 = Sulphur S 160
9 Sodium Na 112
10 Chlorine Cl 96

* 80 Kg male                                                                             # mostly combined as water


The Top 10 elements account for more than 99 % of the total, the balance comprising minute quantities of metallic elements including iron - enough (4.8 g) to make a 15 - cm nail - as well as Zinc, tin, and aluminum.

Source : CSR GK Today February , 2011 Page NO . 134

Almost all above - mentioned ( 7  + 4 ) = 11 elements are available in the sun - charged water, gee, honey, oil, etc . Phosphorus and = Sulphur are available in different forms. = Potassium is not available.


So My Dear Health Seekers!


Believe Nature. Return to Nature. Believe & try effects and power of Sun Light on your god-gifted valuable body ( to protect it from the dangerous toxins available almost in every consumable items these days). Do only use & consume the sun - charged water, ghee, honey , oil etc. to pure you precious blood so that you can get disease free good & sound health.


Did you know?

Our Sun is 109 times bigger than the Earth. Its diameter is 13.92 lac kms. The Sun is discharging 386 arab x arab mega watt heat (Solar energy) in one second. The Earth gets 174,00000 arab watt solar energy every day. In an average, India gets 300 days clear sunlight day. It means we get all most 60000 kharab watt solar energy in one year. Now we can imagine if one uses at least 1% of it, one will be able to get one's sunlight requirement for all one's life. How surprising & pleasant is our Sun (If used thoughtfully in positive aspects)!. So I request you take maximum benefits of god given million dolor free sun light to remain healthy for ever.
















Elements Found in Natural Resources / Modalities


 Sunlight Elements  Air Elements  Water Elements  Soil Elements


 Green Grass Elements  Urine Elements   























Elements Found in Coloured Water Charged in Sunlight

10 Elements 12 Elements 11 Elements = 33 Elements
Water of Blue Glass Bottle Charged in Sun Water in Green Glass Bottle Charged in Sun Water in Brown / Red Glass Bottle Charged in Sun Water of White Glass Bottle Charged in Sun
- - Alkaline All 33 elements are available in water kept in white glass bottle charged in the sun light.
So Dear Health Seekers!
Do only use the water boiled with Tulsi (Basil), cooled, kept in glass bottles sun charged, kept in pitchers & copper utensils only (but not in refrigerator/fridge) because blood is made of water & if water is pure, the blood is pure, you are 100% healthy. Is that clear to you? Wish you good water, good blood, good health!

- - Arsenic
Aluminum - Aluminum
Barium Barium Barium
Copper Copper Copper
Cadmium Chlorine calcium
Chloroform Carbon Carbon
Lead Chlorophyll Hydrogen
Oxygen Ferrous Sulphate Iron
Phosphoric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Manganese
Tin Nickel Nickel
Zinc Nitrogen -
- Platinum -
- Radium -
- Sodium -

11 Constituents / Elements Found in Fresh Air
Element %
Nitrogen 78.08%
Oxygen 20.95%
Argon 0.93%
Carbon Dioxide 0.03%
Helium, Neon, Krypton, Hydrogen, Xenon, Radon, Osmium 0.01%
Total 11 Elements 100.00%

Always breathe in fresh Air of (pollution free) forests & hill stations.


2 Constituents / Elements Found in Fresh, Neat & Clean Water

Elements %
Hydrogen 66.6%
Oxygen 33.4%
Total 2 Elemnets 100.00%

Always drink fresh, clean & sun charged Water

26 Constituents / Elements Found in Fresh, Neat & Clean Soil

Elements % Elements % Elements % Elements % Elements %
Aluminum   Chlorine   Iron   Oxygen   Sulphur  
Arsenic   Cobalt   Lithium   Phosphours   Zink  
Boron   Copper   Magnesium   Potassium   Total 26 E 100.00%
Bromide   Fluorine   Manganese   Radium      
Calcium   Hydrogen   Nickel   Silicon      
Carbon   Iodine   Nitrogen   Sodium      

Always use fresh, neat & clean Soil for medical application as packs, bandages, massages (Wet / dry) ( mitti ka lep) on eyes, lower abdomen, cuts, wounds, on any parts of body without any hesitations & any fear & any bad side effects. Feel the difference. Refresh yourself with soil treatment. Return to soil treatment.
























Constituents Found in (Green) Grass

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Potassium   
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Thiamin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B


Do confidently use green grass to cure yourself. A cow & a she-goat give nutritious milk after eating green grass. So how can green grass harm us?



















Constituents Present 24 X 7 Hours in Urine of a Healthy Person

General Constituents Quantity Special Constituents
Nitrogen 25 - 35 mg Protein
Urea 25 - 30 mg Albumin
Cretin 60 - 150 mg Globulin
Cretonne - Ben johns Protein
Ammonia - Sugar / Sharkara
uric acid - Glucose
Hip uric acid - Fructose
Oxalic acid - Glactose
Amino acid - Lactose
Ellen tine - Pentose
Vitamins A, B, C, D: Vitamin B in small quantity - Kiton Bodies
Enzymes, Eurokaineze, Emibeze, Tropsin & others - Idicane
Hormones H - 11, Directine B - Blood
Water 95%    
  - Pigments
   -          Boil Pigments
  -          Eurochromozone
  -          Parfirin
  -          Melanin                     

- Cast
  - Stone
  - Pus
  - Hrmones                              Back

Chloride 6.0 - 9.0 gm
Phosphate 18 - 13.0 gm
Sulphate 8.0 - 1.4 gm
Potassium 2.5 - 3.0 gm
Sodium 4.5 gm
Calcium 0.1 - 0.3 gm
Magnesium 0.1 - 0.2 gm
Iodine 0.0005 - 0.00025 gm
Arsenic 0.0005 gm
Lead 0.0005 gm
Copper, Iron, Citric Acid in small quantity -

Auto urine is the best for all types of treatment. Urine has a many antibodies present in it. Urine has all the qualities of the medicines of Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homoeopathic, Bio-chemic & Unani etc. Researches have discovered more then 2000 compounds & constituents in urine. With certain kinds of precautions & preventions, you must use your  urine for the treatment of your (so-called last stage deadly) ailments to get instant relief & permanent cure. It has been used by many unhealthy patients to recover their sound health. It is time-tested, totally safe & without any bad side effects. it has only positive effects.

Note : It is very important to note that all the medicines are made by the above-mentioned & many other elements & their compounds. In Naturopathy also, we use the same. In Naturopathy we don't have bad side effects, but in allopathic we have side effects.


Standard Daily Routine
Hours Activities
1 Hour Getting Up, Call of Nature, Bath Etc.
1 Hour Morning Walk, Exercises, Yog, Pranayam
14 Hours Hard Labour as per work Category/Level
2 Hours Family & Social Activity
6 Hours Deep Sound Healthy Sleep
24 Hours Complete  -







Counseling Fees
Indians : Rs 501/- (One Prescription / One Counseling / One personal Visit (on Request))
Foreigners : 501 $ (One Prescription / One Counseling / One personal Visit (on Request))
































Contact us



Dear Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Verma

Naturopath & Naturopathy Counselor

Madhuri Awadesh Nature - Cure Hospital (Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra)

H.No. 20 A, Matawali Lane, Lane No 3, Hanuman Enclave, Shamshanghat Road, Nangloi,

New Delhi - 110041, India.


Timings : 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm (Monday to Saturday)      9.00 am - 3.00 pm (Sundays & Holidays)

Contact  at : 09911038109 (Delhi), 09896474730, 09466586977 (Haryana)

Telephone :

 +91 -01259 - 275651, 683483(O) ( 8:00 am to 01:00 pm)

+91 - 01259- 000000(R) , +91-9896474730, 9466586977

Send Mail at : sanjive_kumarverma2001@yahoo.com, sanjivemalvika2007@rediffmail.com














Q) Do you have any other branches in India ?                                                                                A) No.
Q) Are there any staying facilities for patients during treatment at your clinic ?                   A) No.
Q) Do you have any course in Naturopathy ?                                                                                  A) No.
Q) Do you use any so-called products, drugs, & medicines ?                                                       A)No.
Q) How much time does the treatment take?
A) It depends on the condition of the patient and how old the disease  is. Generally I advise the patient for minimum 30 days treatment for the remarkable recovery of the body.
Q) What do you do in the treatment?
A) naturopathy includes:

  • Precautions & Preventions Therapy for Holistic Healing
  • Swar Vigyan Therapy / Music Therapy / Air Therapy
  • Auto Urine Treatment
  • Chromo Therapy (Sun Therapy)
  • Soil (Dry and Wet/Mud) Therapy
  • Yog / Aasans / Pranayam (Breath Control) / Exercises / Physio Therapy / Acupressure
  • Strict Vegetarian Diet Therapy
  • Prayer / Meditation / Counseling Therapy / Cosmic Therapy / Mantra Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy ( Water Therapy) & Suitable use of Jal Neti ( Use of Water Through Nose)
  • Mudra Therapy
  • Green  Grass, Seasonal Vegetables & Fruit ,Juice Therapy                                                                       

 Read More >> 








Q) Do you give any guarantee to cure the patient?

A) No, No doctor and no any medical stream give any such guarantee to cure the patient. Yet I can say Naturopathy has very good results in treatments.


Q) If I have a need for allopathic doctor or specialist during the treatment, can I go to them?

A) Of course, The main purpose of any system of treatment is to save the life of the people.


Q) What is the level of security in Naturopathy?

A) It is quite safe.


Q) Can you treat serious & emergency patients ?

A) No. Go to allopathic treatment iin emergency & seriousness. Chronic Disease of last state is not treated.


Q) Can you treat at old & children patients?

A) Yes. Old & Children patients are treated.


Q) Is fasting necessary in naturopath ?

A) Yes. Something the practice of fasting in naturopathy works really amazingly.


 Read More >> 












Q) Will you allow me to eat spicy, oily, sweets, and bakery items during my treatment program?

A) No. Not at all. You aren't allowed other than prescribed food, snacks and type of eatable which is harmful for you because naturopathy says Food is Medicine.


Q) When is the right time to start the treatment?

A) When you feel any sort of uneasiness in body, you surrender yourself to nature. Let nature cure you. After morning walk at 6:00 am, Yog at 7:00 am then treatment starts from 9:00 am and it completes up to 6:00 pm with laughing & enjoying the treatment without any tiredness.


Q) Can I avail any treatment according to my choice?

A) No, Not at all.


Q)How do you prepare the treatment program?

A) After examination your questionnaire, I prepare a time table for treatments from morning to evening in the guiding light of Naturopathy & send it to you. You have to follow it honestly, Sincerely & Seriously.


Q) Now I am satisfied. I want to start my treatment. What should I do now?

A) You are most welcome. Please read the questionnaire & fill it honestly & correctly & inform your date of online conversation in a advance.



































Questionnaire for Counseling - cum - Treatment by Correspondence (Postal Treatment)

In general cases, Correspondence / Postal Treatment is given. The questionnaire is hereby send to the patient by Me. A Nature Cure Hospital (Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra). Please fill & reply it sincerely & honestly . Don't hide any thing. The monthly counseling fees are Rs. 500/- *(for Indians) & 500 Dollars (for foreign nationals). All letters / e-mails / phone calls are replied during this period. Kindly always quote the subscription / registration number for any correspondence / communications.


The format of Questionnaire is given bellow. Get the print out of this & fill it, scan it & send  it through e-mail along with the requisite fees.





































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