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Welcome to Nature Cure. The world, we live in, is very strange. Do you know why? Why is to so? In the young age people spoil the God given billion dollar health to earn huge amount of money. In the old age people spoil the hard earned huge amount of money to get the health back. What an orthodox? But it is too late to get precious & sound health back. What an abused idea & attitude to the really most precious billion dollar health. Really speaking a sick person pays 100% attention to get his health back. But if he has paid only 10% attention to maintain the health, this situation would have never come in the life. What to do? Man is careless & helpless by nature so he does not pay attention to maintain the health when he has sound health & ultimately become sick. Aadami apni adapt se majbur aur lachar hai.



It is seen almost every where in every house, a certain amount of hard earned precious money is spent mercilessly on so-called curative & highly effective medicines to maintain & recover good health. People are always in search of true medication to cure their diseases. But they don't get it. They keep on complaining God for their bad health. But they never complain of/repent on their unhealthy & unnatural so-called modern life styles.                                        


I have been in teaching profession for more than 20+ years. for the past 4 years I have serving as a Principal in a senior secondary public school in India. I have seen children, parents, guardians, & other people suffering from one or the other deadly, chronic, allergic 7 every day so-called common diseases. But diseases are never common. If they are not treated well in time, they become serious life harming deadly illness(nasure). People spend lots of hard-earned money to get a healthy personality, but it goes in vain. I am inspired by Albert Schweitzer who also started his medicinal interests to give relief & cure to the people after around 40+ years of his age knowing the poor healthy conditions of African people. So I have also realized that people must get one easy, cheap (Allopathic medicines are very costly. They are out of the reach of the common people. Their prices are increasing every day.) & really very effective system & method of treatments without any bad side effects (Allopathic medicines have enormous bad side effects.) then I changed my mind and started thinking on this topic and I got the solution. Eureka! That is Naturopathy, only real & pure naturopathy which prescribes no medicines, no herbs (Jadi-Buti). So there are no side effects at all in Naturopathy. Follow it sincerely & honestly. Get  always positive healthy effects on your body without any bad side effects. Get rid of diseases. You will be able to kick out the Poisonous toxins ( which are real & main reasons of your sickness) ( accumulated by unhealthy & unnatural ultra modern life styles) from your body to get sound health back. It's sure you will recover you health. You will be alright by God's grace.










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