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About me

I am a religious & simple man. I am god fearing human being. I have been counseling about Naturopathy to the people for a very long time. I try to understand the psychology of patients because patients of different categories the poor, the rich & the mediocre - have the different attitudes & thinking about their illness & their treatments & through naturopathy. Naturopathy has worked miraculously in all the difficult situations. I have never found any side effects in real naturopathy so far of 20+ years. I advise You believe & do sincerely & honestly. God cures. I provide quality health care techniques & guidelines based on pure real naturopathy without any single use of medicines.


Services Provided by Me

1. Health Counseling & Treatment by only e-mail & correspondence

    (I don't call the patients to my clinic as it is under construction.)


2. Career Counseling









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