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Body Facts

Most Common Elements Found In The Human Body

S.No. Elements Symbol Average Adult * Total (G)
1 Oxygen O 48,800
2 Carbon C 18,400
3 Hydrogen # H 8,000
4 Nitrogen N 2,080
5 Calcium Ca 1,120
6 Phosphorus P 880
7 = Potassium K 160
8 = Sulphur S 160
9 Sodium Na 112
10 Chlorine Cl 96

* 80 Kg male                                                                             # mostly combined as water


The Top 10 elements account for more than 99 % of the total, the balance comprising minute quantities of metallic elements including iron - enough (4.8 g) to make a 15 - cm nail - as well as Zinc, tin, and aluminum.

Source : CSR GK Today February , 2011 Page NO . 134

Almost all above - mentioned ( 7  + 4 ) = 11 elements are available in the sun - charged water, gee, honey, oil, etc . Phosphorus and = Sulphur are available in different forms. = Potassium is not available.


So My Dear Health Seekers!


Believe Nature. Return to Nature. Believe & try effects and power of Sun Light on your god-gifted valuable body ( to protect it from the dangerous toxins available almost in every consumable items these days). Do only use & consume the sun - charged water, ghee, honey , oil etc. to pure you precious blood so that you can get disease free good & sound health.


Did you know?

Our Sun is 109 times bigger than the Earth. Its diameter is 13.92 lac kms. The Sun is discharging 386 arab x arab mega watt heat (Solar energy) in one second. The Earth gets 174,00000 arab watt solar energy every day. In an average, India gets 300 days clear sunlight day. It means we get all most 60000 kharab watt solar energy in one year. Now we can imagine if one uses at least 1% of it, one will be able to get one's sunlight requirement for all one's life. How surprising & pleasant is our Sun (If used thoughtfully in positive aspects)!. So I request you take maximum benefits of god given million dolor free sun light to remain healthy for ever.







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