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Q) Do you have any other branches in India ?                                                                               

A) No.

Q) Are there any staying facilities for patients during treatment at your clinic ?                  

A) No.

Q) Do you have any course in Naturopathy ?                                                                                 

A) No.

Q) Do you use any so-called products, drugs, & medicines ?                                                      

A) No.

Q) How much time does the treatment take?

A) It depends on the condition of the patient and how old the disease  is. Generally I advise the patient for minimum 30 days treatment for the remarkable recovery of the body.

Q) What do you do in the treatment?

A) naturopathy includes:

  • Precautions & Preventions Therapy for Holistic Healing
  • Swar Vigyan Therapy / Music Therapy / Air Therapy
  • Auto Urine Treatment
  • Chromo Therapy (Sun Therapy)
  • Soil (Dry and Wet/Mud) Therapy
  • Yog / Aasans / Pranayam (Breath Control) / Exercises / Physio Therapy / Acupressure
  • Strict Vegetarian Diet Therapy
  • Prayer / Meditation / Counseling Therapy / Cosmic Therapy / Mantra Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy ( Water Therapy) & Suitable use of Jal Neti ( Use of Water Through Nose)
  • Mudra Therapy
  • Green  Grass, Seasonal Vegetables & Fruit ,Juice Therapy                                                                       


Q) Do you give any guarantee to cure the patient?

A) No, No doctor and no any medical stream give any such guarantee to cure the patient. Yet I can say Naturopathy has very good results in treatments.


Q) If I have a need for allopathic doctor or specialist during the treatment, can I go to them?

A) Of course, The main purpose of any system of treatment is to save the life of the people.


Q) What is the level of security in Naturopathy?

A) It is quite safe.


Q) Can you treat serious & emergency patients ?

A) No. Go to allopathic treatment iin emergency & seriousness. Chronic Disease of last state is not treated.


Q) Can you treat at old & children patients?

A) Yes. Old & Children patients are treated.


Q) Is fasting necessary in naturopath ?

A) Yes. Something the practice of fasting in naturopathy works really amazingly.



Q) Will you allow me to eat spicy, oily, sweets, and bakery items during my treatment program?

A) No. Not at all. You aren't allowed other than prescribed food, snacks and type of eatable which is harmful for you because naturopathy says Food is Medicine.


Q) When is the right time to start the treatment?

A) When you feel any sort of uneasiness in body, you surrender yourself to nature. Let nature cure you. After morning walk at 6:00 am, Yog at 7:00 am then treatment starts from 9:00 am and it completes up to 6:00 pm with laughing & enjoying the treatment without any tiredness.


Q) Can I avail any treatment according to my choice?

A) No, Not at all.


Q)How do you prepare the treatment program?

A) After examination your questionnaire, I prepare a time table for treatments from morning to evening in the guiding light of Naturopathy & send it to you. You have to follow it honestly, Sincerely & Seriously.


Q) Now I am satisfied. I want to start my treatment. What should I do now?

A) You are most welcome. Please read the questionnaire & fill it honestly & correctly & inform your date of online conversation in a advance.













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