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My Mission

  • To develop Naturopathy as a 'System of Harmless Medicine' and as a 'Way of Life'.

  • To provide and encourage facilities for all kinds of treatment in Naturopathy.

  • To reduce toxic side effects inhuman bodies.

  • To give sound health to people.

  • To make the entire world diseases free in quite natural, cheap, effective (without any bad side effects) ways.

  • To give healthy citizens to humanity.

  • To promote vegetarians.

  • To use natural resources in quite natural way.

  • To avoid the intake of potent & hard drugs in every day life.

  • To prevent undergoing of unnecessary diagnostic & surgical interferences.

  • To reduce the expenses of Government of all countries of the world on medicines & other health related project because all most all the diseases are easily cured in Naturopathy.











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