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Diseases Not Treated

Only two critical situation / diseases are not treated in the system of naturopathy. They are :-


A) Emergency accidental cases

B) Deformities by birth, which certainly requires necessary modern allopathic surgical operations.



In case of any Emergency (Accidental) Cases, in emergency (accidental cases), allopathic treatment is very system of treatment so go to allopathic system of treatment without wasting a single minute of time because the main purpose of any system of treatment is to save the life of the people. I strongly recommend allopathic system of treatment in case of any Emergency.


When the emergency is over 'Return to Nature' (i.e. naturopathy) to remove the poisonous toxins accumulated during the course of allopathic treatment as you know poisonous toxins of allopathic medicines result in dangerous side effects for the human being.








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