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Precautions & Preventions

It is very well-said that "Preventions better than cure." There is no single absolute substitute of precautions & preventions. One has to take strict precautions & preventions if one wants the good health. There are no alternatives of precautions & preventions. These are must. No body can escape them. If you escape precautions & preventions & life will escape you. If you want to become healthy, you must adhere to precautions & preventions.


Always Avoid the following very strictly to keep you healthy

Keep yourself away from plastic utensils, water kept in plastic bottles, all spices, sugar, oil, salt, white maida (fine flour), polished rice, alcohols, smoking, chewing tobacco, consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks, non-vegetarian foods. Consume eatables which are not prepared in contact of fire.













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