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Why do I  become sick?

A good health is a state of physical well-being, mental alertness, socially adjusted and spiritually developed. But so-called modern hi-fi life styles (Which are really quite unnatural, unethical & unhealthy) & highly competitive, tiresome & monotonous work culture have created a platform for the poisonous toxins accumulation in the body. The human body is like a processing machine whatever goes in will be processed. Nature has made us for processing only & only Natural (Raw) Food (i.e. uncooked food means food not prepared in the contact of fire), but along with so-called healthy food, we are consuming / taking in lots of synthetics & chemicals called poisonous toxins( i.e. pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, germicides, fungicides, fertilizers, artificial colours, preservatives, emulsifiers & additives). We become sick due to the accumulation of these poisonous toxins in the body. We certainly fall ill when we go against nature & natural life styles. Farther from nature, nearer to diseases. Nearer to nature , farther from diseases.

A Study shows that alarmingly high levels of contamination / toxication in the food pose a serious threat to public health.

Food Products Daily Consumed Contamination
Cereals 445 gm Rice - 87.4% Wheat - 46.4%
Pulses 029 gm 43.00%
Vegetables 239 gm 56.62%
Fruit 111 gm 42.00%
Spices 05.4 gm 71.50%

Source : All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Pesticide Residues.                                                                


Our body has become the store house of stress, tension, & deadly diseases to unnatural life styles which must be avoided if we really want to live healthy in the real sense. Due to the accumulation of only poisonous toxins in the body, from 100 years of life survival, man has come to a short span of 60 years of short & small survival & by 2020 it will reach to around 30 years of age. (due high pollution & contamination if food stuff)


Always use mosquito net to get sound & disturbance less sleep during night sleeping to escape from diseases caused by mosquitoes" & other insects' bites.






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